The poignant stories of


Part 2:

Many unexpected events caused me to leave Montreal in April 1983. However, all my subsequent visits were spent with the family described above. The question is, 'Why on this occasion I did not go to them? I am retired from my country; I needed to bring closure to the now outstanding divorce; I needed to be here for my son; and I truely to spend time finding, and caring for myself. I needed some space...some quiet time.

The poignant stories of


Part 1:

I came to the pavillon Patricia Mackenzie 3 years ago due to my loss of vision caused by cataract and a damaged retina. That was the lowest point in my life. In the beginning it was hard to lose my sense of independence.

The poignant stories of


Part 3:

I found a new apartment which is a new beginning with the help of organization called Diogene. They are organization that helps in re-establishment giving the person a chance to have his or her own home, the rent is subsidized by government funding and the renter pays 25% of their income for the rent.

Les histoires poignantes de


Partie 4:

D'autant que depuis la fin de l'année 2019 le monde commençait à prendre une autre direction. Et dès le début de l'année 2020 un changement radical s'est étendu à une plus grande échelle, jusqu'à frapper, voire atteindre la planète.

About This Empowerment Project


Touching testimonies reveal authentic stories.There are several episodes in each of these stories.The circumstances that lead to itinerant periods are self-analyzed.

The photographer initiates the process.The models are paid and share his authorship.

The images are made to captivate the viewer. By describing the variety of experiences, an alternative perception of housing access can be formed.


“This conceptual framework and methodology uses visual arts to foster self-reflection, self-healing and self-empowerment. Through community engagements, the author empirically developed a strength-based and solution-focused conceptual framework and methodology that uses visual arts to foster self-reflection, self-healing, and self-empowerment.”

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is not just a book.

It was born out of the need to raise awareness about homelessness.

When we started this project, we wanted to create something that would make us aware of the issue of homelessness and let them know that they are not invisible, but important.

The book contains the stories of nine women who have been there and back. Their stories are honest and raw. 

When you read Somewhere Over the Rainbow , you will discover the real hardships faced by the homeless and how each woman overcame them.

Limited edition prints of Somewhere Over The Rainbow

TITLE – Portrait Limited Edition 1 of 3 Photograph
MODEL and Christian Barré, Canada, 2021
Photography, Epson Hot Press Bright White Paper, Size: 32 W x 48 H x 1 D in

TITLE – Portrait Limited Edition 1 of 3 Photograph
MODEL and Christian Barré, Canada, 2021
Photography, Epson Hot Press Bright White Paper, Size: 32 W x 48 H x 1 D in

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